Born of bar-talk, The Gambler dares to ask the question “do editors even read work before rejecting it?”

Submitting to journals often feels like a crap shoot, a gamble if you will, so while drinking too much beer and whiskey we decided it was time to experiment with that idea.

Thus, the Gambler Mag came into existence. Work is selected by using a method that relies largely on chance. Submissions are collected and numbered in the order they arrive and then a random selection of numbers decides. Winning numbers may come from anywhere: a Powerball ticket, an editor’s social security number, or numbers that are divisible by nine. Why nine? Why not?

These selections are then reviewed by editors, put through a revision process (if needed, sometimes submission are wonderful just the way they are), and published online. All pieces are accompanied by an editorial comment.

Chance is abandoned each December as the editors read and evaluate every single submission that comes in, choosing the best ones for the annual “House Wins” issue.

The Gambler Mag is currently docked in New Orleans, and hopes to provide an interesting experiment for the literary community that comments on the nature of publishing, binge drinking, and luck.