Mark Young

Patchouli is irresponsibility

The preferred method of
ceramic construction is to
assemble a natural comm-
unity—astronomical clocks,
environmentally omnivorous
scavengers, the storm surge
of a category 4 hurricane—
& create an army from the

synergies. Then, in the
final stages, the amount of
kinetic energy generated
by a matriarch with good
connections can be the equi-
valent of a Sanskrit saga.


A line from Pliny the Elder

Hyperlapse photography of the
Brooklyn Bridge was / moment-
arily over-shadowed by some
brilliant what-if scenarios

proposed by / counterfeit disc
jockeys who eschewed a pre-
arranged set of movements &
thrusts in favor of / gait man-

ipulation instigated by a non-
clinical group of people affected
by / both biases & severe allergic
reactions to pure adrenaline.


A retro-Diels–Alder reaction

The behavior of the uni-
verse could be the
exception rather than
the rule. No ordained
priesthood, little fever
in the chest, some dancing

on the tips of its
toes. Put it down
to one of those
tocsins that now
& then ring. Just
one of those.