Mark Young (3 Poems)

A line from Vladimir Putin

The key to good timbre
is the endorphins; so I
go to the gym to get a
rounder sound & better

tone when I flex my
stomach muscles. There
are many beautiful ways
to sing the same songโ€”

plastic clarinets sound good
as well, & they’re cheaper. We
are proud to be from Brooklyn!
Additional taxes may apply.


Whiskered Bat

I have just returned from San Francisco
one of the places to go when you are feeling bored

The tiny state is a sleepy island paradise
abandoned by beetles

Eighteen acres of ancestral land
set to the brave, mournful tone
of a Bruce Springsteen song

& marked by the physiological processes
of everyone from a porn star to the
new cereal brand by General Mills

There is much room here to expand


Memories of Rudolf Steiner

She was a novice nun
who welcomed all visitors
to her garden. Black shirt,
thongs, fractured teeth &
unfathomable sex appeal.

She asked me to do a
remix of her latest song.

It’s coming along nicely.


– B. Woods

I love how these poems shift and roam. They keep me interested.
– K. Jones