S Cearley

Free flow of filler, of egg and sugar

Running down the winding river was hardly a stretch of sun-dazzled froth along the Castle of San Antonio again. My friend was not yet thirty years old, and his friend would give them a thousand ambushes. He read it in his own lance in honor of Christ; the second, the free flow of filler into the joints filled with the sand. It was set at a profit, and the Protestants a new blend of blood. This is a new and worthy approach in the house. Cloaks and neckties were ablaze with color as usual, but the greater part of British Columbia is very ill with the stupendous convulsion as the first buildings erected in Seattle. Before long the little narrow path of black beaten mud wound tortuously through it. Should he “put on dog” heavily and “inspect” the Guard? Should he pretend to find outlet to the above triumphant philosophical disquisition? I am not informed, but it would be advantageous if this could be shown that for many kinds of work, exchange commodities such as sand-clay or gravel is “to gaze.” It was slow and laborious traveling through the woods we juggernauted, Rooibos following in full proportion to the court to San Sebastian, the choicest Andalusian bulls crimson the sand of the human race–no tribe of people should make many times their money out of the world with but few chickens on Elliott Bay. He was, at last, very polite; he shows us the sailing vessels are few more turns, a sharp whistle of escaping air gave one that almost undefinable feeling of opposition. However, is entitled to use the words of Spanish, and darkening of the locks and see what a flavor it has. It is plentifully found, sometimes in immediate connection with Great Dunmow. And, after all, only a provincial celebrity we passed. The babies had a large mileage of roads to be demanded, before leaving this subject in the ascendant, he assured himself that the mastic is somewhat different when motor vehicles are considered, since it does to haul it a desirable surface for one month, and in many cities of Panama and taken the trouble with the shape of the fact, and come to the creek into two bands, the Little North Fork, which caused me to be five centuries as one. The government, by the fragments of history, was a distinct advantage over the sylvan, long, sweeping mineral hills, which stretch toward Potosi, entering that busy town at a rather sloppy passage of his accelerating engine. That it would impart just the opposite direction I had little doubt. When I discovered these images, they may have dissolved by the cheerful brightness of the village, and proceeded to use the tea-cosy as a sort of impalpable preserve, with eggs and sugar…then a course of fruits…then coffee.



A polar collapse onto axes

Do unto others as you see it written by a duet. “We have the floor,” said Lady W. “I don’t remember doing it for one alone on the nail for everything?” You had a bad effect on my character. All my self-respect was ebbing. A little more flushed than I have just come from a cruise on a small sum in advance, as earnest of more value to me, and you can forward letters stretched at luxurious ease in the full prime of his hated enemies. Discover if they had taken with a wave of his hairy fellows of the white god of their savage and mysterious rites. That old bell, presage of the higher thaumaturgy descended like a lady. He had been crying, she loitered outside the front-door. We will see who makes the best magic. Behind her swayed the dense mass of boyish faces, all fused and obliterated. “There were others?” cried the composer, struggling in her cheeks, and the light of your life. “I am tired of the house, and perhaps this was Agnes’s.” In course of time their petty peculations came to Fairview, and its humiliating contents. Until then, its very essence good–good as the sun. Again he adjusted his hat with care, and regarded himself very seriously, very sternly, from various angles, like a miasma. God cannot have understood this; they would sit in ashes when they will have them understand clearly that he had such been the loss of thousands–“Children, how hard is it given?” He, still conscious, saw death, immediate and terrible, in the single street, for only an orgy of celebration was the spoor of the hut.



She remembered vividly the demonstrations made

“You must not surrender to any one really worthy of her.” Behind her swayed the dense mass of boyish faces, all fused and obliterated. The Duke was fighting; she might easily steam open the black velvet in which to remember vividly the demonstrations made in the moonlight was as sure as ever that he had a genuine sentiment. There is a fight with him. It would turn inside out but his weight held it down in brilliant coruscations on the commerce of the heavy stones. They proved burdensome. They were the Winter boys, who had been ridiculed by the hand. “This is my unfortunate dilemma, and I became the prey of anyone who had been left to represent, and my mother could. Take warning by me. Muster all your willpower, and forget Miss Dobson. It was wrong to mix up facts and fancies.” “But why not let yourself be influenced by ME? Besides, I am amazed–astounded.” Again he adjusted his hat with care, and regarded himself very seriously, very sternly, from various angles, like a miasma.



The novelty of a black cat

I stood upon the ground, and upon the wall it is written: “Her Majesty is sturdy enough.” Bertram found it difficult to determine; but, too far to seek. Once admit the truth. By this time as the leg bones in the winter of the great strength of the measure; there is no place in Rome. The story of the details may not be deceived. He turned it over or under the Spanish government, took a lump (of gratitude, so to speak), amidships. Many of them being that it is open to the docks. The men simultaneously placed their swagger-sticks beneath their feet, their native soil beneath their feet, their native skies beneath their feet. It is to mix by hand to choose. This or the other, to rejoice in the world between the pursuing French and Italian, and, though he honestly and unaffectedly did wonder why God made such fires as delight the hearts of the law into their heads from the cactus points, and we are like shapeless steps leading from the hills. The sky was as wild speculation in my next attempt to describe a number of mines should not have been; there always will be that you are fortunate, fortunate to travel in East Anglia. How could he but have had to send home a few days before our visit a wild-eyed girl whom they afterwards left for Dersingham by the curses of Egypt, because we were compelled to understand its fall for raising cattle, horses, hogs, and sheep. The country through which these messengers passed was sterile and thinly inhabited but they wrapped the same; I knew we were ahead of the first floor, they dispersed over a large camp of the priests. That is possible; and it is said that the inhabitants sometimes proved a great freshet in the same interesting region, I had read something of a free country who give the “story” continuity. I replied that he felt very anxious. When they demanded some account of matters Panamanian, I could omit reference to the whole, combined to make it by the marvellous skill of the progress of the Cascades. The novelty of a black cat, trouble from which may be put down his side, can tell the tale and says, “Dust to dust!” I’ve heard him say it in the morning.




I fell in love with these word-images as soon as I saw them and am happy they found a home on here. And though I could kill a good deal of time happily following the paths these words make, I can also enjoy reading the plain text as well (as it is sprinkled with compelling descriptions and intriguing ideas).
– K. Jones